Friday, April 9, 2010

Name This Monstrously Pretty Critter

We've got a predator in our setting we've nicknamed the "squidwolf", on account of how it looks nothing like either of those creatures. Violet just cooked up this awesome piece of concept art for them, and we think it's time they got a better name.

Thus, our first Ireta contest. Name this critter! If your name gets picked, we'll credit you in the book and you can request a piece of art related to our setting. :)

For information, they are about the size of a mountain lion or large wolf. They hunt in packs, raise their young, and are fearsome ambush predators. They are very difficult to sneak up on or hide from, due to their huge range of vision. They can run upwards of 25mph, and accelerate quickly from a dead stop by using their extra arms to push off. They are adept at climbing and use this to their advantage when possible.

In combat the smaller pairs of central arms are often used to grab and pin an opponent while they use their larger limbs to claw and strike. This also frees up their heads, which have razor sharp beaks and a pair of sharp mandibles.

The art could include a character idea, scene, creature you think might fit, or something that's been in one of our art pieces you want to see more of or see in a different situation.

Post your name ideas in the comments! We will pick a winner a week from today!


  1. The only name that really comes to mind for me is something like... Wurend. Or Worend, or wuhrend, or some spelling thereof. If limited to a singular spelling I'd say the first.
    It's a combination of wolf, run, rend, and possibly wound, if you're crazy. Though it's a funny funny guttural word to pronounce.
    (My name is Crimson-Jazz on DeviantArt by the way. Came here through Aazure-Dragon's journal and, as always, love the 'squidwolves' I've always found them oddly charming for... crazy creatures.)

  2. Hmm.. Well, they're definantly unique guys; They deserve a great name. I think they're very cute and lovable.
    I would say along the lines of something unique, like Rhark(Rarw-rk) or Strhali(Straw-he). Just a thought.

  3. Suggestion: Canipod Beast. A mixture of canine and Cephalopoda.

  4. The J├Ârmunhundr
    a combination of the J├Ârmungandr , a sea mythical serpent in norse mythology, which most scientists believe was based off certain squids that live around norway and the north sea thanks to its depictions, and hundr, meaning hound/dog in old nordic

    (name slifer2534 from da where azure-dragon posted the link for the contest)

  5. I was going to suggest a name or two. But after reading Devin's comment I have to second the canipod beast, that has a real ring to it.

  6. Hay there, Snipermander here. I got sent over here by way of a journal written by my friend Aazure-dragon.

    My suggestion: "Chordasarchus".

    It comes from the words "Chordata" (which is the Phylum of which fish and other oceanic organisms are members of), and "sarchus", which is the end name of the prehistoric hoofed-mammal, "Andrewsarchus" (which is what these creatures initially reminded me of).

  7. hrm.... I like the sound of the word 'grupple' for this one.... though it is too soft/friendly to be a name just like that....
    I usually use traits to come up with a name, like razor-beak, or ridge-back....
    *looks up the word 'ridge' on an english-german translator* hrmm....

    What about 'Kamrak'?

  8. Hello, Dust-free on deviant art here.

    One of the great things about fantasy in general is our ability to imagine weird forms that didn't quite get a chance to shine in our world. So if we're going by some really bad scientific latin then I'd suggest something along the lines of Hexapoda Atroxeae or maybe just Archaeidae Terriblus.

    Of course stumbling around with latin to warn your friends while a predatory animal that regularly runs faster than the fastest human being on earth is in the area is a recipe for disaster. So I'd suggest Krakes or Krake Hounds or maybe just a long scream punctuated by a gurgling sound.

  9. burnoskrei

    combination of some scandinavian name that means wolf and skrei, which is a type of fish (pretty random, i know)

  10. I would say a word translated into Latin because that language is sweet, now it looks fast and strong so maybe Velox, Ieiunium, Celox, Ocius, Citatus, well that's all I have for now.

  11. SaltySan, I will post in the journal too.

    How about beobachten. In German it can mean:
    1. observe
    2. notice
    3. watch
    4. eye
    5. study
    You could also use Besteigung. It means to ascend.

    These two words highlight some of their abilites...*shrug*

  12. Wow, these are all great. :) I'm going to restrain myself from commenting much since this is a contest and all.

    Tanxaden mentioned how guttural her names were. That totally works in this setting. The lowland dwelling albino race in our world call themselves the Hrafn and have a very guttural language. There would certainly be a large number of creatures with common names based on their language.

    Also all the latin names are awesome, since we have some more science-minded cultures in our world. They have started using taxonomic classifications for animals, and to help make it recognizable to us earthlings we're pretty sure they will classify in pseudolatin.

    We may need to name two winners... a scientific name and a common name.

  13. Geilgul, Glattbeast, or Gnarmaa. I'm on a g-name thing...Course, I like salddy as well...sounds like 'salty' xD

    I'd probably ruin everything by calling them 'fuzzlies' though 8B

  14. We just announced the winners in another post.

    Congratulations to Tanaxaden and Snipermander!