Sunday, April 18, 2010

Monster Naming Contest Winner

We got a bunch of great entries, and (largely because of a lack of explanation on our part) they actually fell into two totally different naming conventions. Deciding between them became almost impossible, it was like comparing Apples to Malus Domesica. The eventual idea that came up was to award two winners, one for common name and the other for scientific name.

Each winner gets a custom-commissioned piece of game-related art and will be credited in the book. You don't need to request your art now, you can hold on until something or someone we mention grabs your interest.

The winner for Common Name is: Wuhrend
Submitted by Tanaxaden (A.K.A. Crimson-Jazz)
You'll be credited as "Wilderness Guide"

The winner for Scientific Name is: Chordasarchus 
Submitted by Snipermander
You'll be creadited as "Zoologist"

Congratulations to both of you. Feel free to contact me or Violet with your art request. :)

We will definitely be doing other contests, and writing releases will resume shortly as school thesis wraps up. Stay tuned!

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