Sunday, April 18, 2010

Monster Naming Contest Winner

We got a bunch of great entries, and (largely because of a lack of explanation on our part) they actually fell into two totally different naming conventions. Deciding between them became almost impossible, it was like comparing Apples to Malus Domesica. The eventual idea that came up was to award two winners, one for common name and the other for scientific name.

Each winner gets a custom-commissioned piece of game-related art and will be credited in the book. You don't need to request your art now, you can hold on until something or someone we mention grabs your interest.

The winner for Common Name is: Wuhrend
Submitted by Tanaxaden (A.K.A. Crimson-Jazz)
You'll be credited as "Wilderness Guide"

The winner for Scientific Name is: Chordasarchus 
Submitted by Snipermander
You'll be creadited as "Zoologist"

Congratulations to both of you. Feel free to contact me or Violet with your art request. :)

We will definitely be doing other contests, and writing releases will resume shortly as school thesis wraps up. Stay tuned!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Name This Monstrously Pretty Critter

We've got a predator in our setting we've nicknamed the "squidwolf", on account of how it looks nothing like either of those creatures. Violet just cooked up this awesome piece of concept art for them, and we think it's time they got a better name.

Thus, our first Ireta contest. Name this critter! If your name gets picked, we'll credit you in the book and you can request a piece of art related to our setting. :)

For information, they are about the size of a mountain lion or large wolf. They hunt in packs, raise their young, and are fearsome ambush predators. They are very difficult to sneak up on or hide from, due to their huge range of vision. They can run upwards of 25mph, and accelerate quickly from a dead stop by using their extra arms to push off. They are adept at climbing and use this to their advantage when possible.

In combat the smaller pairs of central arms are often used to grab and pin an opponent while they use their larger limbs to claw and strike. This also frees up their heads, which have razor sharp beaks and a pair of sharp mandibles.

The art could include a character idea, scene, creature you think might fit, or something that's been in one of our art pieces you want to see more of or see in a different situation.

Post your name ideas in the comments! We will pick a winner a week from today!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

In which a useful reference tool becomes an awesome artifact

After Violet's last post, we decided that having a 3d reference of the Leviathan Centipede would be advantageous. Seeing as they are essentially our "dragon" equivalent on Ireta, they will probably be in a number of illustrations.

So I broke out a copy of Zbrush, and this happened.

Yeah, I know. Pretty awesome, right? This guy is fully rendered and believe it or not, you can get a physical one. We've ordered one just to use as reference, but it would make a pretty cool miniature for a fantasy game, or a cool hanging decoration for a particularly awesome room.

You can buy a 3d printed model here for $45, it's about 5.5" tall and about the same width (the spiraly shape means it's roughly cubic in terms of dimensions). The default $45 material is a solid but flexible white plastic, similar in strength and flexibility to the DnD mini plastic you're used to. For a few dollars more you can get it printed in black, and if you want a more rigid material they're available for even more extra.

There will definitely be more of these in the future. Expect to see airships before the end of the summer, and a variety of other mosters.

Happy sailing,