Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh My - An Assassin!

Another bit of concept work for the RPG. Here we have a Kantori Deathmage Assassin (a suitable profession for the death-magic-inclined nobility) about to take down an Anwar fop. You can tell he's a fop by his coifed hair, which I think is quite stylish.

Some of the things I was trying to tie down here was the look of the more "modern" anwari clothing, the decorative motifs common on various bits of clothing and weapons (inspired by Violet's fashion sketches, of course) and the look of the necrotic flavor of magic present in our world.

If you're curious what the whole magic/tech deal is, it will be addressed in a post later this week that I'm working on right now: The Big Picture Part 2: Basic Concepts of Ireta.

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