Tuesday, March 9, 2010

City of the Cloud of Life - Temple of the Healers

A landscapey concept sketch.

On Tainena, the mountain which pierces of the Cloud of Life, the Life mage healers of the Kantori people have built their temple. The so-called city of Tainena has formed outside the temple walls.

Over the years, desperate pilgrims have journeyed here in hopes of being healed, most were turned away from the golden temple when they were unable to pay the fees of the Life mages. A hundred pilgrims turned into a thousand, which became ten thousand. Diseased, deformed, or dying souls, all desperate for coin. The city became a slum surrounding the gleaming golden palace of the Life mages. Plagues and pestillience run rampant, kept at bay only by the enormous wall that protects the temple valley.

Occationally, the temple mages will bring individual city folk into the temple for healing, though their reasoning for this selection is mystifying. There is talk of conspiracy and a darker purpose to the Life mages' manipulation of the city of Tainena... especially when some of the "healed" never return.

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