Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcome to the World of Ireta

This blog is empty now, but over the next months and (hopefully) years, it will come to be the home of the Ireta RPG, which will likely have a more awesome title by the time it goes to print.

Ireta is a world of high adventure. It's one half sci-fi, one half fantasy, with a fresh coat of Steampunk thrown on for looks. There are scientists and mages, healers and guys with leeches. The barbarian leather look is fashionably outlandish, parasols are totally in this year, and bowlers are the new black. Gunmen will engage magic-wielding swordsmen in zeppelins on the high skies in bright sunlight, while a storm thrashes the landscape beneath the perpetual cloudline. It's going to be a great ride...

We're starting this blog to help us get our sketches, writing, and ideas out into the world, and to help us find our way through the later stages of putting together our first RPG. We're shooting for a 132 page final book in the standard 8.5x11 RPG book format, though we're considering using a slightly smaller size with a higher page count for appearance.

Our goal is to create a self-published RPG with the quality one might expect from a mainstream game. There will be full color art throughout the book, with a target of one piece per 2-page spread. It will not be printed using TimesNew Roman. There will be an index. It will have the little things you expect from a real RPG book. We'll be releasing a free PDF version, selling copies of the physical book, and hoping to make something people love.

We're using a variant on the FATE 2.0 and 3.0 systems, published under an OGL. It's a game system which emphasizes character and cinematic action rather than tactical mechanics.

As of right now, we stand at about 70 pages including rules. None of it is in final draft, and most will have to be rewritten to give it the correct voice. Our mechanical system is in final playtest stages, but we still have to do final adjustments. We've got a lot left to do, but I hope that by sharing this with you, we'll find the energy to get this thing out the door.

Here's to the journey.


  1. Mmmmm shiny. That paragraph in bold just screams awesome propaganda/advertising poster. Thats just me though!
    Can't wait to see a lot more added here, something satisfying about seeing everything in one place.

  2. Thanks! It felt good when I was writing it, glad to find out it isn't completely silly the next morning. :)