Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some early concepts - steampunk, pirates, environments and monsters

Here we have some of my early concept work for this setting. Not all of it is great, but these pieces really started to hit on how characters and places within Ireta will feel.


This fellow here is a pirate adventurer. Here wer were just beginning to nail down the look and feel of our races characters. This here is an Anwar pirate. They are a technologically advanced people, with strong anarchist/communist beliefs. As a group, they are strong willed and individualistic. Visually, they pull elements from the early industrial revolution era, and from the era of high piracy.


Down below the fogline, the Hrafn tribes still use many of their older methods to survive. This young fellow is a bond-warrior who has chosen a walking leech as his companion. 

These warriors make use of a wide array of alchemical technologies to enhance their bodies and minds. They are often seen as "backwards" and primitive, but in fact simply find their own methods more effective. One of their greatest discoveries is a symbiotic fungus that allows the nervous systems of two creatures to be linked. Different subcultures use this brew for a variety of purposes. Linking couples who have become married, forging fighting units into a single organism, and even bonding young warriors to animals, with whom they develop a bond.

Another bit of early character concept. A noble amongst the Kantori people. This culture has become a magical meritocracy, wherein a "peasant" class is ruled by those who own the land, usually by dint of possessing large amounts of money or magical power. (which often go hand-in-hand) Their culture visually pulls from the look of pre-revolutionary france, and the various cultures of southeast asia.

A location within the Kantori lands. This city shows off thier somewhat unique city architecture, which relies heavily on seamless stone buildings made by magic. Since they build their cities above the global fog line, their great metropolises are all on mountain tops. Since the wealthiest individuals tend to live at the tops of the mountains, nearby peaks are often connected by massive stone bridges.

Here we have a Kantori smith crafting a magical weapon at a nexus of light energy.

Magical energy within the world of Ireta is trait that any material can acquire, much like electrical charge or temperature in our world. Different types of materials or energies function at certain "frequencies", which nearby objects can pick up. There are also great bands and rivers of energy that flow across the surface of the world (like air currents or the magnetic field of earth). In places where these currents cross, pool, or merge, objects can be coaxed into picking up a resonance with that particular type of energy. Here, at a sunny spot in an equatorial forest, next to a stream which flows across the great plains to the west, enough energy has collected to let this sword be forged.

 Another early design for a monster. This is an ambush predator which ides among the ridged coral of seaside environments. Theis shell patterning allows them to blend in. The tail up top can extend up to 10 feet to deliver a toxic sting to a target. The creature can then dig in, shredding their prey with their massive fangs before swallowing them whole. Lacking a method for expelling their food, they regurgitate the undigested bits several hours or days later. The pellets of bone and hair left behind by these creatures is a sure sign that danger lurks nearby.

That's it for today's update! Hope you fine gents and ladies have found something enjoyable here.

Coming soon: What the hell is going on?! What is the deal with this place? - An explanation of basic world concepts.

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